Vensel to Serve at Public Information Officer for Valentis Security

18 February 2021

In the ever changing landscape of special event safety, especially during the time of COVID, a solid communication plan is imperative. Easy Street's long time security partner, Valentis, has selected Gina Vensel as their Public Information Officer! 

"Valentis welcomes Gina Vensel as the company’s Public Information Officer (PIO) and to be part of an enhanced service to special event organizers.  Valentis will provide crisis communication in response to emergent security and safety incidents that generate public interest on behalf of the client. Clients will be able to utilize the Valentis Public Information Plan (PIP) for their events, including actionable steps for messaging and statements to be used in public release. Gina’s role will help facilitate some of that process and serve as an official spokesperson on behalf of the entities when communicating directly to the media." 

- Read the entire press release HERE

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