A Look Ahead at 2022

02 January 2022

After another long year of uncertainty during pandemic life, Easy Street forged ahead planning events that were compliant with city, county, and state Covid regulations as well as working with flexibility and compassion with talent and vendors. 

We produced events like Pour at the Park, Big Day Aht, Moe’s Brewery Tour, CP Best of Party, Spirit of the Strip, and promotions all over the region.

We continued to produce digital content for brands and organizations and managed digital fundraisers like 412 Food Rescue’s Yinz Citizen virtual concert and a hybrid TEDxPittsburgh event that took place at The Andy Warhol Museum and streamed for free worldwide.

We may not know how the pandemic may affect special events in 2022, but Easy Street is here to help you navigate even the bumpiest of roads ahead.

Whether you are looking for PR support, digital promotions, want to produce a community festival, or digital event, let our team manage the logistics and market your event for success. 

Together we can get through these uncertain times by enjoying special moments together at concerts, fundraisers, and parties—and we are here to help. Cheers to a year ahead filled with memorable moments. 

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